William Organek

I research corporate bankruptcy law.

My research investigates bankruptcy's operation as a system of public law regulation and private law ordering. I develop case studies with a blend of empirical analysis and insights from law and economics. I also draw on on my legal and business experience in bankruptcy and real estate. By probing the users of, uses for, and limits of the bankruptcy system, my research aims to assess how it can be optimized for the wide variety of public and private cases to which it is applied.

Current Position

I am currently a Program Fellow with the Bankruptcy Project at Harvard Law School.

Research Interests

Primary: Bankruptcy; Civil Procedure; Contracts; Torts; Property

Secondary: Corporations and Corporate Governance; Secured Transactions; Local Government Law; Law and Economic Development; Real Estate Transactions

Get in touch:

Email: worganek [at] law [dot] harvard [dot] edu